About Us


Rooted in the vibrant heart of Chicago since 2017, Wholesome 360 is expanding to Phoenix, AZ, infusing the revitalizing essence of the Mediterranean into your path to wellness. 

Picture this: gourmet, clean, and healthy meals, delivered to your doorstep, oven-ready in minutes. Wave goodbye to grocery hassles and meal prep stress. Achieve your health goals—whether it’s shedding weight, sculpting your body, or attaining vibrant health—with Wholesome 360. 

Elevate your lifestyle, enhance your appearance, and feel your absolute best. Be it daily nourishment or special occasions, our catering services blend Chicago’s devotion to wholesome goodness with Mediterranean magic. 

We’re not just a meal subscription; we’re your key to a healthier, more convenient lifestyle. Embrace the transformative journey with Wholesome 360—because your pursuit of health deserves the best.

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